Condos in South Beach Exterior

Our Location

For us, location is more than cross streets. It’s the entire neighborhood and the opportunities it provides for relationships with the nature and people who inhabit it. Our process begins by finding the perfect location where nature and culture come together.

1 Hotel & Homes sits on several hundred feet of shoreline within the heart of South Beach, defining luxury condos in the Miami Beach area. We are on Collins Avenue, one block above 23rd Street, the unofficial line between north and south. This location gives us a moment of peaceful escape within the vibrant city we know and love.

Condos in South Beach

Six Hundred Feet of Pristine Ocean

We began with a natural wonder and the ambition to let it guide our development. The process began with deconstruction. Along the length of our beachfront, we removed interfering structures, pulling back old construction to extend the sands up to our door.

Once the beach was brought to a natural state, we brought its peaceful energy through the rest of the property. Creating more places that felt like an extension of the beautiful shoreline. With painstaking effort, these South Beach luxury condos became more like an uninterrupted moment of nature. While the beach itself is six hundred feet, its influence extends well beyond where the water meets the sand.

Condos in South Beach Living Room


A piece of South Beach’s history stood at our ideal location. 2399 Collins Avenue held a structure synonymous with the sleek excess of Miami’s past.

Guided by our belief that there is no reason to rebuild when we can reform, we got to work carefully renovating the building and grounds until they met our exceedingly high aesthetic and environmental standards.

Inspired by our beachfront, we brought life into every corner. We used sustainable and low impact materials everywhere we could. Extending windows to bring full views of the sea. Peeling back pavement for pools and outdoor spaces. Replacing synthetic with natural elements throughout.

In the end, a piece of South Beach’s past was transformed into a shining example of its future.

Condos in South Beach Street

Steps from the City

While the shoreline is important, the nature of South Beach extends to the people who live there. While the beachfront brings nature into our daily lives, cultural opportunities are equally robust.

Luxury Condos that are steps from everything in South Beach, we are a member of the dynamic and vibrant Lincoln Road neighborhood, a short walk from the shops, museums, architecture and restaurants that make Miami famous. We are a community of locals.  While tourists frequently occupy South Beach’s southern tip, this area offers incredible places and authentic experiences while keeping everything else within arm’s reach.